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The Key Elements Of A Lady's Selection Of Running Wear

- Jul 02, 2018 -

First: the key elements of women's selection of running clothes

1. Cut. This is the most important premise. If the style is tailored to fit the size of the body, can it be added to the overall effect of the whole body? There is no need for a complete set of running clothes. It is suggested that mashup should be attracted by no match. Such as fashion or street style clothing to dilute sports taste.

2. Color. If you like blue, if you like blue, it suggests bright blue or lake water blue with fluorescent orange and yellow, which can highlight the advantage of blue, and the light color strip is relatively safe in the night run and will be noticed by pedestrians and vehicles.

3. Fabric. It is recommended to choose the fast drying fabric. In the summer road, it is suggested that the short shorts, sports bra, and a small vest on the waist (if the return journey needs a car or the subway can be set on the body to avoid the excessive temperature difference). At the same time, wear the top hat and color to match the colors of the clothes.

Second: fat MM how to match when running?

Many runners are baggy, and many MM worry about being fatter. In fact, if the collocation is reasonable, sportswear is not to be picked up. No matter how fat or thin it is, it can be worn. Although black is the ideal color of fat MM, but the constant black is not very popular, so on the black sports skirt, add some milky white lace decoration, the effect will be very different.

Colourful sportswear is also a good match. For example, the upper body chooses the bright white and orange V collar T-shirt, and the underneath is a dark blue green, dark blue loose pants or sport skirt.

Third: the selection and purchase of women's sports clothing

1, hue: the fresh and bright lemon yellow and sky blue bump together, more colourful coloring hat band collocation, completely rid of the appearance of the sportswear old style, is very suitable for young and young girl's vitality collocation; tender green brings Mature autumn rebirth chance, surprise to the life of dress decoration, astonished at the vitality of sports. A short coat, with a long white tee inside, and a middle waist and straight pants under the waist, are perfectly slim and graceful. The postmark like white letter printing becomes the only decoration of the clothes and is clean and conspicuous under the light green background.

2, skirt: tennis athletes on the tennis court, a woman tennis player, a short skirt can also freely. The elastic knitted hip knitted skirt is both stout and convenient to exercise. The matching hooded sweater is integrated into the fashionable hollow elements, which is more charming and charming.

3, suit: the shadow of the sportswear can not be seen in the slightest, the fashion, the fashion and the air of the charming dress, not only in sports can be worn, even to wear to class work is very appropriate. Coupled with baseball caps, young people are energized and infected.

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