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The Collocation Of The Jacket

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Modern work

Lightweight jackets give great convenience to the daily activities of the office workers. The surface of the jacket made of glossy cloth has a striking fashion attitude. The jackets chosen by the office workers should not be too fancy, and the simple styles are matched with the exquisite single characters full of personality.

Elegant otaku

Whether it's a simple design or a convenient design, it's easy to get rid of it. Jackets are always the first choice for homeowners. The most important thing in home wear is comfort. First, you should start with soft, breathable and warm fabrics.

Urban Knight

There are really not many knights who really have the courage to ride around Harley moor around the northwest wind, but the knights with a hard line, a rough shape and a masculine smell are always the young men's formal dress. Jacket and leather trousers with lacquer cover are full of wild beauty.

Business elite

Using the makings of the business suit, on this basis, we can cover the LO OK with both elite and leisure style. The semi formal occasion created by the business suit is not only with distinctive professional features, but also a personal dress style that is in line with fashion.

A trendy gentleman

The bright face jacket has strong personality, but echoes with a pair of elegant leather shoes on the feet. It will reflect a kind of humanistic romance that has never compromised with the times. Wearing a scarf into a traditional bow tie will add a lot of retro sentiments to fashionable men.

Vitality Campus

For those boys who have always maintained their youthful vigor, the campus style of dress always makes them feel relaxed. A large V collar sweater, which is permeated with a strong college atmosphere, is used as a basic matching product, and a bright jacket is used to build an active sense of activity.

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