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Teach You How To Wear A Military Jacket?

- Jul 02, 2018 -

If you are ready to start military jackets, but still assessing the type of riders, hurry to see the tide of the military jacket jacket, fashion wear to come!

Style 1: take a T-shirt

Under the basic white T, dark narrow-sleeve trousers and high boots were worn. Slightly exposed black-and-white striped socks revealed the taste. The simple badge-inspired jacket increased the overall weight.

Dark tannins and white T-shirts use a camouflage Ma-1 military jacket to bring out the styling highlights, while the clutch bag gives off a touch of style.

Use the black jacket and narrow-leg trousers to make the bottom, and then use the dark blue Ma-1 embossed coat and gray boots to add a touch of color to the overall outfit.

Style 2: take a sweater

In the fall and winter, you can change to a warm sweater to change to a thin T-shirt, you can wear a casual military jacket to wear. The white T, black sweater and jacket with different hem lengths are worn out, and the lower body is jeans with a rough man-like smell. The weather plus a street-feeling cap is also very stylish.

Under the light blue shirt, put on the double tannin base of the blue jeans, put on a dark blue coat to wear the same color, choose the eye-catching red sneakers, and the color-colored sunglasses and hats of the earth color. Stylish and sophisticated.

Style 3: take a suit

The light blue shirt is tied with a tie and a vest with the same color, and the elegant jeans with the fitted jeans are added to the green military jacket to present the fun and taste of the mix.

The simple dark blue suit is a black space cotton military jacket with a camouflage inside, and it is unexpectedly harmonious and fashionable.

This mix and match effect is excellent, first of all, based on the white shirt, layered jacket, blazer and military jacket, not only handsome and very individual!

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