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How To Pick The Right Swimsuit

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Soon summer arrived, finally to my sister's show time, the summer must go to swim, so the choice of suitable swimsuit is very important, different occasions, different figures, swimsuit choice is different, the swimsuit is selected, can attract the eye of the men, the choice is not good, only to highlight their own shortcomings, Here's how to choose the right swimsuit.

If you play with water in a public swimming pool or a water park, the swimming suit will be good. The swimming pool is like dumplings filled with all kinds of uncle's little sister. If you wear a bikini, how embarrassing it is.

If it was on the beach, or in a private pool party, it was different. It would be useful to wear bikini. The dew, the hide of the hide, the trick to wear in a swimsuit, was a word.

If you are thin and long, no chest, no butt, look like two walking chopsticks, then your arms are: legs, waist, arms, and clavicle, choose the split bikini, and the upper body can choose lace and tassel style. This sense of expansion will make your airport look more stereoscopic.

If you have a big head, you can choose a shoulder bathing suit to highlight your sexy clavicle and shoulders. And it can make the head look smaller.

If you are rich in poor milk, then choose a vest, wrap up your chest so that others can't see it, and you can make any pads, pads, pads, such as a stealth chest.

The goddess of the fat world, thick leg, thick waist, thick arm, at least the chest is also thick, so the waist thick words must choose the swimming suit, if the legs are thick, the swimsuit must choose the skirt, the skirt should be wide, the best to cover the thigh root, the best swimsuit with the dark waistline, or the middle dark color, both sides light color, so Others will mistakenly think you are thin. Sturdy arms and breast milk can be covered with a small shawl, so there is no problem.

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