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How To Maintain The Swimsuit

- Jul 02, 2018 -

After every swim, wash your body with shower, clean your swimming clothes with soap, and dry in the sun. Water clothes borrowed or rented are unhygienic. Do not wear them when swimming clothes are not dry.


Before launching the water, you should wet the swimsuit with clean water and let the swimsuit into the clean water, so as to prevent the chemical agents in the swimming pool or the minerals in the sea water to be accepted by the swimsuit and destroy the swimsuit. Put on your swimsuit first and change the sunscreen. When the water is over, clean the body first and take off the swimsuit. If you are not in a hurry, you should use the clean water to clean the swimsuit immediately. Never place wet swimsuit in plastic bags, handbags and suitcases for too long.


Avoid sitting on rough objects; prevent sun oil and sunscreen lotion on swimsuits. After swimming, rinse salt powder, sand, chloride, sun oil, sunscreen and other corrosive substances on swimsuit. Because the above substances will damage the swimsuit fiber, darker the color and make it elastic. Do not wring dry, get involved in dry towels, and absorb too much moisture.


After you go home, wash immediately with warm water. Use mild detergents. Do not use washing machines and bleaching agents. Full scour clean; do not use your hands to twist the swimsuit on the dry towel, then towel the towel to suck the moisture on the swimsuit.

Bend the wet swimsuit; place it dry; do not use a dryer or iron; dry it and put it in a cool place.

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