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How To Choose A Big Jacket That Suits You

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Jackets are one of the fastest-changing garments in the world today. The jacket is comfortable, fit, natural, generous and casual. The jacket can be said to be one of the more endorsement words for men.

Jacket style

Common jacket styles include: loose bat sleeve jacket, battle jacket, inlaid jacket, safari jacket and bomber jacket, athlete jacket, waiter jacket, Chanel jacket, Edward jacket, scarf collar shirt sleeve jacket, sloping shoulder Hemiplegia jackets, etc. Regardless of the style of the jacket, the contours of the shoulders should be appropriate. After the upper and lower clothes, the width and width of the "T" type should be given to the person, showing a chic, slender aesthetic. In the course of the jacket's shopping guide, the following points should be noted from the style:

A full-bodied customer should choose a variety of strip-shaped decorative jackets that are separated by vertical lines, which will give the wearer a beautiful and beautiful feeling.

2 slim and long-body customers should choose a jacket with a horizontal line and a decorative line, which will give people the feeling of increasing the width.

3 Young people, especially female youths, should choose a diagonally divided and multi-decorated jacket to give a lively feeling.

4 general body young men and women can choose a jacket with a straight line or a variety of geometric patterns.

5 jacket neck and cuffs or cuffs and hem fabric and color should be consistent, avoid three or three colors or three fabrics, will give people a messy feeling.

6 jackets on the shoulders, bags, sleeves, chest and other decorative or lines, the shape, color must echo, in order to achieve a lively and harmonious shape, the effect of harmony.

Jacket fabric

In the process of purchasing a jacket, in addition to looking at the style, it depends on the texture of the fabric. Jackets are available in a wide range of fabrics:

1 High-grade fabrics include sheepskin, cowhide, horseskin, etc. of natural leather, as well as high-grade chemical fiber blending and purified fiber fabrics of wool-polyester blended, wool-cotton blended and special processed.

2 The medium and high-grade fabrics include all kinds of medium-long fiber tweeds, polyester-cotton rain-proof poplin, nylon silk, TC poplin, rubberized silk, imitation sheepskin and so on.

3 middle and low fabrics are sticky cotton blends and cotton and other common fabrics.

Jacket style and fabric matching

Jackets of various styles should conform to the fabrics they use, such as:

1 The bat jacket should be made of gorgeous and glossy nylon silk or Tc poplin fabric, and be equipped with high-quality accessories and accessories. After wearing, it will make the woman graceful.

2 Safari jackets, the quality requirements of clothing materials are higher, and the appearance of the fabrics with tight appearance, slightly thick texture, and good anti-wrinkle performance will make the men look more upright and fit.

The jacket can be used as clothing worn by people in daily life, but also can be used as clothing for travel and social activities. In particular, its variety of shapes, various styles, and varied collars, shoulders, sleeves, and waists can satisfy many different needs. Grade customer needs.

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