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How Do Men Choose To Buy Their Own Jackets?

- Jul 02, 2018 -

The common styles of jacket are: loose bat sleeve jacket, warring jacket jacket, mosaic jacket, jacket and jacket and pilot jacket, sportsman jacket, waiter jacket, Chanel jacket, Edward jacket, scarf collar shirt sleeve jacket, shawl collar jacket, shoulder jackets and so on. No matter what style of the jacket, the outline of the shoulder is appropriate, with the next coat should be given to the wide and narrow "T" type, showing the beauty of natural and unrestrained style. In the process of jacket shopping, we should pay attention to the following aspects from the style.

(1) a plump customer should choose a jacket with various lines decorated with vertical lines, which will give the wearer a straight and beautiful feeling.

2. Slender customers should choose a jacket with horizontal lines and decorative lines, which will give people a sense of increasing width.

(3) young people, especially female youth, should choose a jacket with oblique lines and multiple decorations to give people a lively feeling.

4. Young men and women in general type can choose a jacket with straight lines or multiple geometric patterns.

(5) the collar and cuffs or cuffs of the jacket should be identical with the fabric and color of the hem. Avoid three colors or three kinds of fabrics.

The shape and color of the shoulders, bags, sleeves, chest and other decorative lines should be echoed in order to achieve the effect of lively and harmonious sculpt.

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