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Precautions for wearing a swimsuit

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Prevention of walking

A little exercise or a swim in the water can make a sexy swimsuit an embarrassing embarrassment. If you want to avoid being swept away, you should test carefully and carefully, observe your actions carefully, and carefully prepare the clothes that fit well.

Scavenging hair

For the highly exposed bikini, it is necessary to clean the excess hair, such as the armpits, arms, legs and other parts, and should pay attention to avoid scratching when the hair is removed, and the effect of the immersion bacteria will have a certain effect on the recovery.


It should be careful not to let your skin be damaged by the sun. You should smear more than 50 times of sunscreen on the beach and stick to it for 30 minutes to achieve the best sunscreen effect.

White taboo

White swimsuit is often a female taboo, because the light color of the relationship, plus cloth is not thick enough, a water will have an embarrassing perspective, so pay attention to the purchase. It can be added to the flesh color clothes to avoid the embarrassment of perspective.

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