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Male jacket spring and autumn models with the rules

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Men's jacket spring and autumn models should choose how to match? Jackets as men's favorite one of the single product, and finally to its place of use, but the men's jacket spring and autumn although handsome, but how should choose? Today we take a look Men's jacket spring and autumn clip selection and collocation method!

How to choose the right men's jacket for spring and autumn

When choosing a jacket, first choose different styles according to your body shape.

For those who are fat, you can use a V-neck single-breasted decorative jacket to give the wearer a shortened shoulder and an elongated neck.

If a person with a fat body chooses a jacket with only a main line or a broken knife, it will highlight the lines of the human body and appear slim and delicate.

A small person should pay attention to the relative simplicity, the collar should not be too big, the decoration of the front door should not be excessively complicated, otherwise, the figure will be shorter.

Thin people, wearing patch pocket jackets with bagged tongues, will appear more stable and strong.

Second, choose different color jackets according to your body and skin color. If you are fat, you should choose a cool-toned jacket that gives you a strong, youthful look. If you are small or thin, choose a warm-toned jacket that will make the wearer look taller and stronger. In addition, the purchase of jackets, like the purchase of other clothing, you must pay attention to its size and quality. The length of the jacket is slightly shorter than that of a tunic or suit. It is usually standing on the human body, the hands are naturally drooping, and the wrists are subject to the standard. When fitting, the chest should be slightly wider, the back should be suitable, and the sense of restraint when standing forward.

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