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How to match the ladies' jacket

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Women's jackets can be matched with outstanding shapes throughout the year. Let's look at how the ladies' jackets should be matched.

Cowboy jacket + Floral Dress + flat shoes

The light blue cowboy lady jacket, simple and concise, collocation with a floral dress, immediately turn to a small woman's image, a pair of flat shoes is more light to enjoy the warm sunshine of the early winter.

Ladies' jacket + white shirt + Red High - waist pants

A short black lady's jacket, a cool collar, a neutral locomotive, a white shirt, a cool feeling, a red tight waist, a pair of black pointed high heels, a cool woman's breath, and an invincible stage air.

Cream white jacket + red jacket + black trousers

The white lady's jacket has a short and neat shoulder design. It is small and exquisite, with a red coat with a small pattern, a black dress pants, bright and confident.

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