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How to match the black lady's jacket

- Jul 02, 2018 -

The black lady's jacket is rather dark in color, so many MM feel that it is difficult for them to match, and they don't know which jacket or trousers to choose. Today, I want to talk about the collocation method of the black lady's jacket. I hope I can help you.

How to match the black lady's jacket

Black lady jacket with the one:

Talking about the black lady's jacket, you can't forget the classic black and white match. This color match never goes out of the fashion stage. The black lady's jacket takes a gray bottoming blouses and a white dress pants. This is not a classic, long - lasting black and white match. Short jackets and tight pants make you feel sexy and slim.

Black lady jacket with scheme two:

A black lady's jacket, with a black fold - wrapped buttocks, is a collocation for every lady of temperament, with a pair of rosy rose high heels that brighten the whole collocation and add to the feeling of fashion.

Black lady jacket with scheme three:

The black turtleneck jacket, leather material, and trousers are fashionable, revealing the atmosphere and invincible.


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